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ACM Expertise

The ACM Experts

Global Aerospace Corporation is a leading provider of air cycle machine (ACM) and cooling turbine flat rate overhaul solutions for regional and commercial airlines.

  • Over 12 years of experience, 2000 + units overhauled.
  • Complete in-house capability.
  • Cost saving, fixed overhaul rates.
  • In-house PDA parts & RDA repair solutions.
  • Proven increased TBOs.
  • Extensive exchange pool.

Proven ACM Reliability

In accordance with published aircraft reliability statistics, Dash-8 and CRJ operators using GAC are now obtaining industry leading time between overhauls (TBOs.)

Some have now exceeded a TBO of 10,000 hours!

In addition to short term overhaul cost savings, 50% fewer removals also reduced long-term ACM overhaul costs by nearly 50%.

Similar continuous improvement programs are in place for all ACM programs. Our goal is to become the leading cost saving and reliability provider for all Bombardier, ATR and Boeing ACM overhaul programs.

Flat-Rate ACM Overhaul


Each of our “Preferred Flat Rate” ACM overhaul programs are tailored to provide fixed flat rate overhaul cost with no surprises.

  • A true fixed, flat rate overhaul price with no escalations.
  • Up to 30% ACM overhaul cost savings.
  • No BER units, regardless of condition, rotating or seized.
  • Free of charge "no fault found."
  • 14 day TAT.
  • 24 month warranty.
  • Free customized ACM boxes.

Aftermarket Parts & Repairs

Reduce your ACM Maintenance Costs

To provide operators with the lowest flat rate ACM overhaul costs possible, each of our ACM programs are supported by PDA parts and RDA repair solutions developed in-house by sister company Global Engineering Corporation (GEC).

Global Engineering Corporation (GEC)

Sister company Global Engineering Corporation provides quality aircraft parts and repair processes through in-house engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities, enabling a cost saving alternative to OEM parts.

  • PDA Parts (Equivalent to FAA PMA)
  • RDA Repairs (Equivalent to FAA DER)
  • Design Engineering
  • Reliability & Life Extension
  • Manufacturing Approval TCCA 40-06

For Air Cycle Machines this includes:

  • Turbine & Compressor Rotors
  • Cooling fans
  • Seal rings & Seal plates
  • Journals, Shafts
  • Specialized repairs for cracked housings, throats and nozzle plates
  • The patented "Dish"

ACM Exchange Pool

Keeping you Flying

Our “Keeping You Flying” program offers one of the largest inventories of ACM exchange units available, including 25 + assets and growing!

  • Continue to fly and generate revenue.
  • Avoid investment in ACM spares.
  • Avoid double ACM removal & installation.
  • Receive fixed, flat rate with no surprises.

Backshop Support

Precision Balancing

All rotating ACM parts are precision balanced in house, in a test cell utilizing pneumatic driven, computerized balancing equipment. From manufacture of new PDA parts, to the rotating group then to final testing, ACMs are balanced to GAC standards below acceptable OEM vibration limits.

ACMs and cooling turbine can rotate up to 70,000 rpm so expert balancing is crucial to long term TBO reliability.

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