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Customer Care Committee


In 2006, Global Aerospace Corporation established its Customer Care Committee, consisting of Senior Management, Customer Care Representatives and Account Representatives.

The Customer Care Committee meets weekly ensuring that GAC is providing efficient, proactive and industry-leading customer service to all customers.

Our Mission

To foster an environment by where all employees are dedicated to providing leading customer service achieved through accurate, valuable and responsive communication.

Dedicated Representatives

Assigned to You

Every customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Care Representative. Working with all members of the production team your Customer Care Representative knows the status of each of your repairs and keeps you updated through pro-active and mobile-friendly Status Notifications.

Always ready to help

A single point of contact makes it easy. Your Customer Care Representative is dedicated to looking after your concerns, swiftly providing the information and answers you need.

You always have a live person to talk to during business hours (we don't believe in voicemail).

Notable Notifications

Keeping you updated

To keep you up to date, we automatically provide the following mobile-friendly e-mail notifications:

Receiving Notifications
Yesterday’s receipts detailing the P/N, Description, S/N, Repair number, & Work Order number of each of your repairs.
Status Reports
Weekly PDF detailing the P/N, Description, S/N, Repair Number, Work Order number, Status and accurate Shipping Date of each of your repairs.
Completion Notifications
Today’s completion (prior to shipment) with the following PDFs for your approval: Tear Down Report, Form 1, Packing Slip, SB & AD Logs & Trace To Birth.
Shipping Notifications
Yesterday’s shipments detailing the P/N, Description, S/N, Repair number, Work Order number & Waybill number of each of your repairs.


We Speak Your Language

Feel comfortable communicating in your native language.


After Hours Services

24/7/365 Help Line

A Customer Care employee can be reached 24/7/365, always ready to assist you beyond normal operating hours.

AOG Services

We know the importance of keeping an aircraft flying. When required, our Customer Care team can provide exceptional support during AOG or Critical events.

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