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Trusted Expertise

Since 1998 GAC has overhauled 3,000+ landing gear components.

  • Over 15 Years of Landing Gear MRO Experience
  • Complete In-House Capability
  • Cost Saving Proprietary Parts & Repairs
  • Specialized Machining & Grinding Capability
  • Harness and Pipe Repair
  • Limited Life, Back-To-Birth, SB & AD Management

Loan & Exchange

Keeping you Flying

Our "Keeping You Flying" Program offers one of the largest inventories of loan and exchange landing gear available.

Continue generating revenue using the 150+ landing gear assets we have available, valued at over $10 million USD:

  • Complete ship set availability
  • Fixed-rate loan options
  • Overhauled exchange units
  • Back-to-birth traceability
  • "Dummy" loan units to keep you mobile

PDA/PMA Cost-Saving Part Solutions

Engineered in House

Global Engineering Corporation, a subsidiary of Global Aerospace Corporation, provides quality aircraft parts and repair processes through in-house engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities enabling a cost-saving alternative to OEM parts.

  • PDA Parts (Equivalent to FAA PMA)
  • RDA Repairs (Equivalent to FAA DER)
  • Design Engineering
  • Reliability & Life Extension
  • Manufacturing Approval TCCA 40-06

In-House Bushing Manufacturing

In-house design & manufacturing capabilities for bushings, piston caps, spacers & sleeves.

  • Significantly lower cost alternative to OEM parts.
  • Helps ensure TAT with less reliance on OEM stock.
  • PDA certification issued through manufacturing approval TCCA 40-06.

Backshop Support

Specialized Machining & Grinding

In-house precision machining of all landing gear sub-assembly base material and metal-plated surfaces.

  • Corrosion removal.
  • Single piece piston & axle assemblies.
  • Deep internal cylinder bores.
  • Repair rather than replace.
  • Significantly minimizes cost of repairs.
  • In-house capability ensures TAT.

In-House Harness Repair

In-house repair capability of wiring harnesses, conduit & electrical connectors.

  • Helps avoid costly electrical parts replacement.
  • Helps ensure TAT with less reliance on OEM stock.

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